Do I need to punch out for lunch?

Employer’s are required to allow employees time for an unpaid lunch break.  Therefore our system will automatically deduct 30 minutes unpaid lunch or dinner break during any shift of five (5) or more consecutive hours for employees who eat lunch at their worksite.

Any employees who leave their worksite for lunch are required to punch out upon leaving and punch back in when returned to the job site or work station.

Employees who take their lunch break at the job site or workplace are required to punch out for lunch. If an employee does not clock out for lunch, 30 minutes will be automatically deducted from their timecard.

For hourly paid employees who leave their job site workplace, office, shop etc, they are required to punch out when leaving and punch back in upon returning. Punching out at the beginning and punching in at the end of each meal break is mandatory. Employees are required to punch out if on extended personal phone calls or for any other personal reasons that they are not performing company work (other than using the restroom). Immediate supervisors will notify employees of any rules for scheduling lunch breaks at each work location and/or within each department.

Employees can override the automatic deduction for lunch, if necessary and it can also be corrected by talking with your Foreman to correct your time card.

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